• Investment advisory services for your 401(k)Retirement Planning Keller
  • Active portfolio management based upon your risk tolerance and goals
  • Ongoing monitoring & guidance of both your plan’s investment selections and your personal investment allocation; no more “buy & hope”
  • Transparency of fees for your 401(k) account (no hidden fees)

What is (k)vise? via Vimeo

Ever wondered what your 401(k) might look like if it were actively managed? How about if an advisor keeping you updated as to when to buy or sell certain positions inside your account? What if you could take the guesswork out of the investment selection process and have confidence that the investments you currently own are among the strongest available to you inside your account? Have you ever tried to build a so called “diversified portfolio” with one of those on-line, do-it-yourself computer programs?

Here’s how (k)vise can help you

  1. In 2006, The Pension Protection Act was passed, specifically Title VI, Subtitle A, SEC. 601 (a) of the Act allows you to consult with an advisor that can provide guidance for selection and monitoring of your 401(k) plan’s investment options. We’ve taken it another step by actually providing that advice to your company’s 401(k) participants.
  2. If you are currently participating in your employer’s 401(k) plan, upon enrollment, you were given documents to complete and asked to make certain decisions such selecting the investments for your contributions. However, they may have failed to provide you with adequate tools to help make your selections.
  3. Building the right portfolio can be a challenge; just simply selecting the right investment, alone, can be difficult. With all the options, how do you decide; Small–Cap, Mid–Cap, or Large–Cap, Value versus Growth, International and Emerging Markets to Bonds? Most people review their quarterly statements and make a guess by selecting the investments that performed best over the previous period. However, how can you be confident they are still performing at that pace?

With (k)viseTM, you will have assistance in building your personal portfolio. You will also be confident in knowing that your plan is being monitored to help maximize its performance.

How 401(k) participants can benefit from (k)vise

  • To remove the guesswork of investing within your account
  • Local financial advisor to speak with versus an automated (800) number
  • Confidence in knowing your account is being monitored even when you can’t
  • Portfolio updates without having to wait for quarterly statements
  • No complex charts on how to build your portfolio, just easy to understand advice spoken in plain English
  • Access to a personal financial advisor that knows your retirement plan, and can provide other advice for your family’s financial and insurance needs with no account minimums

How (k)vise can benefit companies

  • Provide investment services & guidance to your employees in order to maximize your 401(k) plan’s performance.
  • Removes plan services burden from your benefits staff.
  • Increase plan services while typically reducing plan costs to the employer and their employees; with new Dept. of Labor disclosure guidelines, you must be proactive in sharing what your plan provides and the costs to the participants, as well as showing these costs are fair and reasonable compared to others.

Common 401(k) Participant Mistakes

  • Failing to actively participate401k Magnify Glass
  • Failing to properly diversify
  • Making emotional Investment decisions
  • Failing to understand their risk tolerance
  • Taking too much or too little risk
  • Failing to address their time horizons
  • Failing to properly utilize given tools

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